The Thinite Period

Manetho described the first two dynasties as 'Thinite' . Thinis is a legendary city , near Abydos , said to be the home of the first kings of Egypt , those of the First and the Second Dynasties . Tombs that belong to the First and the Second Dynasties' kings have been found at Abydos . Most of the Thinite kings had a second tomb in the Memphis Region . Remarkably , this shows that the early kings were not buried near the new political capital of Egypt .
Unfortunately , the Thinite Period is not well-known , essentially , since we go short of surviving texts . The main source of evidence , beside the Palermo Stone , is the funerary equipments found in Abydos' and Saqqara's tombs .

Tur Sinai (Geble El Tor), the mountain where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments in the form of two stone tablets

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