Shopping in Egypt

Cairo is one of the major shopping area in Egypt renowned for its huge markets and bazaars including Khan el-Khalili, Friday Market of Suq El Gomaa and others. Antiques, jewelry, spices, copper utensils and Coptic cloth are some of the special item attractions in these markets. Of course, there are the famous bazaars such as the Khan el-Khalili, but then there are also thousands of unusual stores scattered about the country including Aswan where you can find Aswan Market. Some places are known for producing certain products with better quality and good price than others such as alabaster in Luxor.

Before buying you should have a look on all the exhibits and know its price in more than one place, some times it varies, and put a maximum limit for the price you may pay for the good you are going to buy. Haggling is a tradition for commercial interaction and a common means of communication with vendors in small shops in Egypt. If you are good at bargaining,then you can enjoy shopping in Egypt at much cheaper prices. Yet there are some shops with fixed price that do not allow bargaining and it makes it easy to buy what you want with out having the feeling that you over paid for it.

The purpose for this section is to provide you with information both on what to buy in Egypt. There would be helpful information about some of products that Egypt is famous for including Mashrabeya screen works, baskets, belly dancing costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, perfume bottles, goods containing mother of pearl of Egypt, hand made Egyptian brass items, and textile products etc.

Moreover, it would be helpful for you to know more about the good time for shopping in Egypt. During winter season: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 0900-1900 and on Monday and Thursday from 0900-2000. During summer season: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday-Sunday 0900-1230 and 1600-2000. Egypt has special shopping hours during Ramadan festival. Hours vary as shops are often closing on Sunday.

There are many markets, malls and shopping centers in Egypt where you can find these products in Egypt in good prices including:

• Sednaoui
• Wekalat Al-Balah Fabric Market
• Souq al-Goma'a (Friday Market)
• Aswan Market
• Arkadia Shopping Mall
• Al Khatoun

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