Ptolemy I (Soter)

Ptolemy I was the real founder of the Ptolemaic Dynasty in Egypt . He started to rule as a satrap . After the end of the Babylon conference , Predicass (who became the regent of the throne) gave Ptolemy little money and few soldiers ordering him to move to Egypt to run its affairs . Ptolemy I didn't like Predicass because he gave him little money and soldiers . However , he went to Egypt and entered for the first time to Egypt through Memphis . Once he arrived in Egypt , he decided to get rid of Clemenes .
Clemenes , a great banker from Naucratis , was a close friend to Predoicass and he was appointed as the Chief Administrator of Egypt by Alexander . It is significant to mention that Clemenes had a greedy nature: he exploited the Egyptians , bought the wheal from the Egyptian peasants with the lowest price then he stored the wheat until a starvation happened , then he sold the wheat during the starvation with the highest price and the difference between the two prices went to his own pocket . For all that is mentioned , combined with the fact that he was the sole buyer for the wheat , the Egyptians complained to Ptolemy I . On his part , Ptolemy I took these complaints as a chance and arrested Clemenes and put him in trial . After found guilty , Clemenes was executed .
Moreover , Ptolemy I confiscated Clemenes' wealth for the benefit of the Egyptian treasury . This was the first act that upset Predicass from Ptolemy I .
The second instance that upset him from Ptolemy I took place when a civil war broke out in Libya between the Greeks who settled on the Libyan Coast . They sent for Ptolemy I to help them to restore order and law there , then he annexed Libya to Egypt without taking the permission of Predicass .
The third instance occurred when Predicass sent a letter to Ptolemy I asking him to send a list of the revenue of Egypt , however , Ptolemy I refused .
Based on these reasons , Predicass felt that Ptolemy I was defying him and planning for independence . Therefore , Predicass decided to put an end for the rule of Ptolemy I by preparing an army . He began to head to Egypt until he reached the Nile at a point near Memphis in 321 BC , then he decided to cross the Nile , but , Ptolemy I was waiting with his army at Memphis . The crossing of the Nile was difficult at that time because it was during the inundation season , so Predicass sent a group of soldiers to cross the Nile but they were all drowned then he sent another group but also they all died . When Predicass went to his tent to have some rest before the third attempt , his chief officers went after him then killed him and asked Ptolemy I to be the new regent of the Macedonian throne . Ptolemy I refused their offer and he provided the army with support and sent the army back to Macedonia , thus Ptolemy I was saved without any fighting .
In 305 BC , when the whole royal Macedonian family was killed , Ptolemy I was declared as the new king of Egypt and the founder of the Ptolemaic Dynasty .
In 305 BC , Ptolemy I declared his independence from the Macedonia and Greek Empire . In 285 BC , Ptolemy I retired and took his eldest son , Ptolemy II , to be his co-regent . Two years later , Ptolemy I died in 283 BC and was followed by his son Ptolemy II .

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