Predynastic Period

The Predynastic Period extends over a very long span of time marking the first evidence of human civilization beginning to appear in Egypt . That is , it is the period that preceded the invention of writing and recording , a period that witnessed the first man recording his ideas and achievement and expressing himself using written language on papyrus .
The process of recording events using the Egyptian Language , Hieroglyphics , began to appear in Egypt by the end of 4000 BC and the beginning of 3000 BC . Writing is considered the separate line between Prehistoric and historic Ages .
Discovered monuments contributed in clearing the vision over the prehistoric man through adding information about– among other things – his origin , culture , religious beliefs , houses , tools and tombs .
The separate lines between the recorded prehistoric ages and the division of historical periods differ from one country to another . In the Nile Valley , for example , writing appeared at the beginning of the year 3000 BC , whereas in Mesopotamia , it appeared in 2800 BC .
Prehistoric period is divided into three important phases , Paleolithic (600 , 000 –10 , 000 BC) , Mesolithic Age (10 , 000–5 , 000 BC) and Neolithic Age (5 , 000 –3100 BC) .
In Egypt , the Neolithic Age witnessed man's efforts in creating stable life either from the social , economic or religious aspects . Emerging from the surrounding environment and relying on nature imitation , his thoughts carried the meaning of creation and hard work .
This age is divided into two phases:
The first phrase is the one in which tools were made of stone rather than metal . This stage is called Neolithic . The second stage began with man using metals , particularly copper . Thus , it is called Chalcolithic Age .
The main centers of the first phase for the Neolithic Age , discovered up till now in Egypt are: Marmadat Bany Salama (Western Delta) , Al Amry (at the head of the Delta) , Northern Helwan , and Faiyum . These places represent the Northern Culture . The Southern Culture is represented by Deir Tasa (Tasa Monastry) , in El-Badari City , Asyut . The Neolithic Age Culture is distinguished by general features , most importantly are:
1- Raising animals and livestock (like sheep , goats , oxen , pigs , and dogs) of which man availed in houses and farms .
2- Learning cultivation and establishing a stable settled life .
3- Smoothing stones to create tools and producing various kinds of them .
4- Making pottery , baskets , mats , and ropes , weaving flax , and producing leather .

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