Pharaoh Thutmosis III

In the 20th or 21st year of Hatshepsut's reign , Thutmosis III took over the throne for himself solely .
At the end of about 17 years of military campaigns , Thutmosis III had successfully established Egyptian dominance over Palestine , and had made strong inroads into Southern Syria . His own reputation was assured .
The face of Thutmosis III on his statues continued the 'Thutmoside' profile seen already with Thutmosis I . He did not dishonor the name and monuments of Hatshepsut until the last years of his reign .
Thutmosis III used his 32 years of sole rule to make his name prominent throughout Egypt and Nubia . He was active at Gebel Barkal at the farthest southern point in Nubia , at Sai , at the Third Cataract , Semna , Kumma , Uronarti , Buhen , Quban , Amada , Faras , as well as several other locations where blocks are known in his name . Further North , his monuments are well attested at Elephantine , where he built a temple honoring Goddess Satet of the First Cataract Region , at Kom Ombo , Edfu , EI-Kab , Tod , Armant , Thebes , Akhmim , Hermopolis , and Heliopolis . A statue of the Overseer of Works , Minmose , active in the later reign of Thutmosis III , listed cult sites at which he worked . He named , in addition to the places already mentioned , Medamud , Asyut , Atfih , and a number of localities in the Delta , including Buto and Busiris .
It is not certain that the three wives of Thutmosis III buried in Wadi Gubbanet el-Qirud (in Western Thebes) were Syrian , but their names were certainly Asiatic . Thutmosis III's wives included one woman called Sitiah , daughter of a royal nurse . If she in fact replaced Neferure in the priestess' position , it was only until Thutmosis III's daughter Merytamun was old enough to take up the role . Sitiah is not definitely known to have had any children , while the mother of Amenhotep II , Merytre , appears to have produced several children . Merytre (daughter of Huy) apparently gave birth to Amenhotep , Princess Merytamun , Prince Menkheperre , Princesses Isis and another Merytamun , and a small princess Nebetiunet . Merytre as queen appeared in the temple of Medinet Habu and in the Tomb of Thutmosis III . A third wife , Nebtta , and a princess Nefertiry are depicted in the royal tomb .
The Tomb of Thutmosis III in the Valley of the Kings (KV 34) was cut high in a cliff . The walls of the burial chamber are covered with hieratic form of the Netherworld texts: the Litany of Re , which calls upon the names of the Sun-god to aid the king in his afterlife journeys , and the Book of what is in the Netherworld (Amduat) , which provided the king with a map of the underworld and spells to help him achieve eternal justification .

Close view of the arabesque metal screen before the cenotaph within the Mosque of Sayyida Nafisa

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