Pharaoh Ramses I (Paramessu)

Paramessu acted as Horemheb's vizier as well as holding a number of military titles including that of Commander of the Fortress of Sile , an important stronghold on the land bridge connecting the Egyptian Delta with Syria-Palestine . The role assigned to Paramessu reveals Horemheb's preoccupation with the military situation in Egypt's northern territories .
Paramessu's family came from Avaris , the former capital of the Hyksos . It is significant to recall the role of its local god Seth during the Hyksos time . Horemheb also built a temple for Seth at Avaris , then the Ramesside Royal Family considered the god Seth to be their royal ancestor , and a fragment of an obelisk , recently discovered on the seabed off the coast of Alexandria , shows Sety I as a sphinx with the head of the Seth-animal offering to Re-Atum .
When Horemheb died childless , Paramessu succeeded him as Ramses I . With him , began the Nineteenth dynasty , although there is some evidence to suggest that the Ramesside pharaohs considered Horemheb as the true founder of the dynasty .
Ramses I must have been old when he ascended the throne , since his son and probably also his grandson had already been born before his accession . During his short one-year regency , and may be even before , his son Sety was appointed vizier and commander of Sile . Sety also held a number of priestly titles linking him with various gods worshipped in the Delta , including that of High Priest of Seth .

Side view of the statue of Akhetaten making Offerings for Aten on display in The Egyptian Museum

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