Old Kingdom

The dawn of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom is marked by the emergence of the Third Dynasty . There are two major features that most distinctly described the Old Kingdom:

(A) It was named "The Pyramid Age" . This period denoted a span of time that started from the Pyramid of the Third Dynasty , followed by a group of pyramids in Giza , and to the later groups of pyramids built at the time of the Fifth and the Sixth Dynasties in Saqqara and Abusir . At this time , the Paraohs raised the idea of a centralized government .

B) The idea of kingship and the Divinity of the pharaoh that was central to Egyptian society and religion , started to emerge in the Old Kingdom . Not only was the king considered a divine figure , but also the god . This idea started from the time of Djoser . But the first two Dynasties' kings (except for Peribsen) were regarded as followers of Horus .

Overall view of the entrance of Faysal City

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