Narmer is the First Dynasty's first king whose name was known from later King Lists and from classical sources . In their own time , these kings were mostly known by their Horus names and not by their birth names which are used in the lists . As a result , both the identification and the existence of Menes are confused , but he is most probably the same as King Aha , whose reign dates back to the earliest tomb at Saqqara .

For this jumble , we are still in doubt whether the three names refer to one , two persons , or three different persons .

King Narmer's tomb was located at Abydos . Some objects dating back to his reign were found in the temples of Nekhen , Hierkonpolis , and Kom el-Ahmar .

A slate palette of green schist displayed at the Cairo Museum is ascribed to Narmer . On the palette's two sides , the scenes are different in their details , yet both commonly commemorate the King's victory over his enemies .
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Details of carvings adorning walls and pillars of the Tomb of the Two Brothers (Mastaba of Niankhkhnum and Khnemhotep). Depicted is a frequent scenes of the two men together in close embrace

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