Mohammed Ali Dynasty

Although the Ottoman army remained in the country after the French left Egypt , it was weak and had large internal conflicts . A lieutenant of a contingent of Albanian Ottoman army , called Mohammed Ali , took advantage of this jumble . In the five years following the departure of the French troops , Mohammed Ali intrigued and fought to become Pasha (Governor) of Egypt . Thereafter , Mohammed Ali was undisputed master of Egypt , and his efforts henceforth were directed primarily to the maintenance of his practical independence . The Sultan of Constantinople was too weak to oppose this usurpation and the only threat to the power of Muhammad Ali Pasha could come from the Mamelukes . In 1811 , Muhammad Ali arranged a plot to get rid of the danger of the Mamelukes forever . He invited 470 Mameluke soldiers to a banquet at the Citadel and ordered them to be killed in what is known as the 'Citadel Massacre' and thus , the Mameluke threat was brought to an end .

Room within the Ethnographic Museum at Dakhla Oasis, with various local handicrafts of the oasis

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