Menkaura Triads

The Egyptian Museum: Floor 1 Hall 47

Material : Grey Green Schist
Found in : Giza , Temple in the Valley of Menkaure (1908)
Period : The Old Kingdom
Reign of : Miquerinos
Dynasty: IV
Excavation : GeorgeReisner
King Mankhaura is one of the dominant kings of the Fifth Dynasty and the owner of the third pyramid in Giza . The three statuary groups of Menkaura fully represent the classical ideal of court sculpture in which the pharaoh's human nature is transfigured into a divine dimension .

King Mankhaura grey-green schist statue depicts him as a model of aesthetic perfection that is accentuated by his central and more forward position . He is wearing a pleated shendit and putting the white crown of Upper Egypt on his head .

In each of these statuary groups the king is sided with Hathor right with her three part wig topped with her attributes of the cow's horns and the solar disk . On the left stands a different statue in each group for a goddess representing one of the provinces of Egypt with the emblem of the province over her head . In the first statuary group , a goddess with the standard shape of Bat above Isaic knot represents Diopolis Parva Nome southward Abydos; the second group with a crouching jackal represents the province of Cinopolis; while the third one represents the Nome of Thebes .

There were about 40 statuary groups with the same style representing all the provinces in Egypt but the only three of them remained and are on display in the Egyptian Museum currently . These perfectly sculpted and smoothly polished statuary groups highlight the consummate skill of ancient Egyptian artist who managed to depict the precise facial features of the king and the goddesses .

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