Tourism in Tomb of Thuthmosis III (KV 34)

Tourism in Tomb of Thuthmosis III (KV 34).
Some scholars named Tuthmosis III "Napoleon of the East", but we think that Napoleon is the one who have to be named by the name of Tuthmosis, (Tuthmosis means born by Thoth). In the first twenty-two years of Tuthmosis III's reign, he was co-regent with his stepmother, Hatshepsut. After her death, he ascended the throne and became the pharaoh of the kingdom. He created the largest Egyptian empire that had ever been seen. Officially, Tuthmosis III ruled Egypt for almost fifty-four years, including the 20 years of Queen Hatshepsut. King Tuthmosis III was one of the first pharaohs to be buried in the Valley of the Kings, and his tomb is the oldest decorated tomb in the valley. KV 34 was discovered in 1898 and cleared by Victor Loret, the director of the Antiquities Service. The tomb is...Read More

Tourism in Tomb of Thuthmosis III (KV 34)

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Pillars inside the Burial Chamber of the Tomb of Thuthmosis III, decorated with scenes and paintings from the Litany of Re

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