Tourism in Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

Tourism in Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra.
Since he had descended from a noble family of viziers, Rekhmire was helped to rise rapidly in the bureaucracy. He was Vizier of Upper Egypt, Mayor of Thebes, and holder of many other important titles under the reign of Thutmes III and the early years of Amenhotep II. Among other numerous functions, he supervised almost all the activities of governance, the construction of great temples, the irrigation plans, the official ceremonies, and the collection of taxes, amounting to the extent that he said about himself: "there was nothing of which I am ignorant in heaven, on earth, or in any quarter of the underworld." Since the nineteenth century, explorers knew where his tomb was. In 1831, Frederic Caillaud published some of its scenes, but it was not until 1943 that all the scenes were publ...Read More

Tourism in Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

Tombs in Sheik Abd El Qurna ( Nobels Tombs)

Wall paintings on walls of the Tomb of Rekh-Mi-Ra

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