Tourism in Temple of Seti I

Tourism in Temple of Seti I.
The Temple of Seti I (Sety I or Sethos I) in Abydos is one of the most celebrated of the masterpieces of Egyptian art and architecture, where one can behold the attractively appealing reliefs and colors. King Seti I began the construction of the temple and –as many others of his monuments– the temple was completed by King Ramses II (of the Nineteenth Dynasty). Some Egyptologists hold the belief that Seti I ordered the temple be erected T-shaped, as a symbolic tomb for himself because its plan is very similar to his tomb in the Valley of the Kings. On the other hand, others think that it was merely accidental; to avoid damaging the Osireion (a small cenotaph, just behind the temple). The First Pylon of the Temple of Seti I is completely destructed. However, in its back, there are fou...Read More

Tourism in Temple of Seti I

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Partly-damaged statues of four seated goddesses, at Seti I Temple

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