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Tourism in Menia

Tourism in Menia.
Minia is one of the major governorates in Upper Egypt that encloses a number of important monuments that attract a large number of tourists for visiting it. It covers about 32279km and is not a densely populated area in comparison to other governorates. The great percentage of the inhabitants of Menia are Christians since they believe that it is a holy place where the Holy Family passed by during their journey. On top of the most attractive Coptic monumental places in the governorate is Virgin Mary Church in El Menia. Minia Governorate comprises of a large number administrative centers and cities and its capital is Minia City. Supposedly driven from the name of ancient god Min, many Egyptian cities as well are named 'Menia'. Mainly, the economic resources of the city are driven from ag...Read More

Tourism in Menia

Archelogical Sites in Menia
* Alabaster Quarries of Hatnub

Cities in Menia
* Ashmunein * Beni Hassan * Beni Mezar * Deir El Bersha * Deir Mawas * El Bahnasa
* El Edwa * El Fekria * Hatnub * Maghagha * Mallawi * Matai
* Menia * Samallout * Sheikh Abada * Tel EI Amarna * Tuna El Jabal

Wall dwaring in Kheti Tomb, depicting the deceased standing with a scepter in his hand

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