Tourism in Medinet Habu Temple

Tourism in Medinet Habu Temple.
Medinet Habu Temples are of the most beautiful and well-preserved Pharaonic temples in Egypt. They are also of the most historically significant monuments, as they had witnessed the birth of new civilizations and the beginning of the weakness of the Pharaonic civilization. Here, there are well-preserved temples, patterns of military architecture from the Pharaonic Era as well as several monuments, the most important of which is the memorial temple of Ramses III (known as the Ramesseum). Thanks to the conservation of the original ceiling, the reliefs and paintings had survived to our time. The temple had a harbor where two canals met and where the ceremonial barks of the Festival of the Valley stood. Today, both the quay and the canal lay beneath a modern asphalt road and a coffee shop.

Tourism in Medinet Habu Temple

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Details of multi-colored depictions decorating the Portico at the Temple of Ramses III

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