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Tourism in Luxor

Tourism in Luxor.
What was once a small village in Qena province in Upper Egypt is now a great independent and prosperous city of approx. 300,000 inhabitants. The visitor must know that what we call now Luxor is indeed three separate areas: the city itself, the village of Karnak, a few kilometers north-east, and monuments and ancient necropolis of Thebes, on the west bank of the Nile. Thanks to tourism and large investments from the Administration, Luxor is rapidly becoming the world's largest open museum.
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Tourism in Luxor

Cities in Luxor
* Assasif (Nobels Tomb) * Deir Al Madina * Dra Abu El Naga (Nobels Tombs) * El Biadia
* Khokha (Nobels Tombs) * Luxor * Luxor Airport * Sheik Abd El Qurna ( Nobels Tombs)
* The Valley of the Queens * Valley of the Kings * Western Bank

A side view of the bases of Deir El Madina

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