Tourism in House of El Seheimy

Tourism in House of El Seheimy.
Bayt El Seheimy or El Seheimy is one of the prominent houses in Cairo that dates back to the 18th century and is regarded as a perfect example for the style of decoration and designing at that time. It locates in El Darb El Asfar nearby the House of Mustafa Gaafar and the House of El Khurazati, places dating back to the same period. The façade of El Seheimy house is beautified with attractive mashrabeya windows imparting on the street and some other simple decorations that reflect the spirit of the 16th and 17th century. The interior plan of this house includes some parts that were dedicated only to women known as Haramlik and others for men known as Salamlik. The main portal of the house is followed by a vast open courtyard with a fountain in its center. This courtyard was annexed ...Read More
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Tourism in House of El Seheimy

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The ceiling of El Seheimy House with colorful wooden vestiges

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