Tourism in Hathor Temple

Tourism in Hathor Temple.
Attested by some historical as well as archeological testimonies is the fact that in the site of the actual temple there were previous sacred buildings dedicated to goddess Hathor (worshipped as a cow-deity in the Egyptian pantheon). The actual temple was begun in the first century BC and its construction works continued until 20 BC. The temple's major part was finished under the reign of Cleopatra VII. There are many blank cartouches that testify the political instability of the last years of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. Similar to the plan of Edfu is that of the Temple of Hathor, since Hathor was considered the wife of Horus. Six Hathor-headed columns with a eighteen sistrum-shaped structure are separated by both decorated curtain walls and the central door form the façade of the temple,...Read More

Tourism in Hathor Temple

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