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Tourism in Giza

Tourism in Giza.
Giza is a governorate in the center of Egypt on the west bank of the Nile. It forms with Cairo and El Qalyubeya Governorate what is known as Greater Cairo. El Giza Governorate covers about 27, 564 km² and encloses about 9 administrative center, 11 city and a large number of districts and villages. It can be reached by plane since Giza is quite close to Cairo Airport and also Alexandria Airport. Thus most of the visitors of Egypt place Giza as the first station in their journey. Giza Governorate is one of the most visited places in Egypt for the existence of a marvelous collection of Pharaonic monuments like the Sphinx, the tombs of the Royal Family, high officials and workmen. Tourists enjoy the good weather of Egypt, riding Camels and interacting with kind and friendly Egyptians during...Read More
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Tourism in Giza

Archelogical Sites in Giza
* Marmadat Bany Salama

Cities in Giza
* Abu El Namras * Abu Ghourab * Abu Rawash * Abu Sir * Atfih * Dahshur
* El Badrashin * EL HARAMEYA * El Hawamdiya * El saf * Giza city * Giza Plateau (The Pyramids)
* Kerdasa * Mansheyet El Qanater * Memphis * Osim * Saqqara

A tableau of a beautiful lady with a hat, with a gilded frame, on display at Mohamad Mahmoud Khalil Museum

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