Tourism in El Fayoum

Tourism in El Fayoum.
El Fayum is one of the governorates in the north-west of Egypt about 100km from Cairo. El Fayum is renowned for its fertile land, fascinating tourist attractions that date back to ancient Egyptian time and its great history. The name of "El Fayum" comes from the Coptic word 'Phiom', which means lake or sea since it was enclosing a sea in the Prehistoric period. Ptolemy II (Philadelophos) gave El Fayoum the name 'Philadelphia'. El Fauoum is also renowned for its Fayimian and Meorian Cultures that date back to the 5500 to 4000 BC. People of these cultures were sedentary and knew methods of agriculture and pottery making. With the climatic changes, around 4000 BC people began to abandon Fayoum and migrate to the Nile Valley, getting in contact with the people of Maadi Culture. However, El ...Read More
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Tourism in El Fayoum

Archelogical Sites in El Fayoum
* Biamhu * Ruins of Dimai
* Ruins of Madinat Demeyet El Sebaa * Wadi Al Hitan

Cities in El Fayoum
* Atsa * Ebshwai * EI Azab * El Fayoum * El Hammam
* El Lahun * Hawara (Kiman Faris) * Kom Oshim * Madinet Maadi * Om El Atl
* Qasr Qaroun * Snors * Tamia * Youssef El Seddiq

Lakes in El Fayoum
* Qaroun Lake

Monasteries in El Fayoum
* Monastery of Deir El Malak

Parks in El Fayoum
* Natural Park of Wadi EI Rayyan

Temples in El Fayoum
* Qasr El Sagha Temple

A view of some mud-brick houses in Karanis Museum, Kom Oshim

Map of El Fayoum
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Sightseeing in El Fayoum
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All Attractions of El Fayoum
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