Tourism in Djed-Ef-Ra Pyramid

Tourism in Djed-Ef-Ra Pyramid.
To the north of the Giza plateau, stands the Pyramid of Djed-ef-Re. King Djed-ef-Re, son of King Khufu, chose to build his pyramid 8 km to the north of his father's. The exact reason behind choosing this particular site remains not very clear; however, the choice of a site is usually according to reasons, either practical, religious or political. Considering the pyramids of one dynasty, such as those of the Fifth Dynasty, we find them distributed between Abusir, North Saqqara, and South Saqqara. Khufu himself chose a location for his pyramid different from that of his father Sneferu, who built at Dahshur. Likely, Djed-ef-Re found that the hill he chose is a suitable place to erect his pyramid on because it overlooks the valley. Additionally, some discoveries and burials of the First and Se...Read More
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Tourism in Djed-Ef-Ra Pyramid

Pyramids in Abu Rawash
* Djed-Ef-Ra Pyramid

An entrance into the Pyramid of Djed-Ef-Ra, Abu Rawash

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