Tourism in Deir Al Madina

Tourism in Deir Al Madina.
The site of Deir el Madina is situated in a small valley between the western slope of the mountain of Thebes and the small hill of Qurnet Murai. The purpose for the presence of Deir El Madina is that it lies close to the Valley of the Kings and the Queens where the war of men would be concentrated. However, the valley and its inhabitants were not totally cut off from the outside world, as servants bringing supplies were constantly journeying up from the river. The workmen and their families would no doubt venture down to the cultivation, from time to time, to buy goods, transact business, and look after their land and other properties which they owned outside the village proper. The name of Deir el Madina which means "the City's Monastery" was given to the site because of the presence th...Read More

Tourism in Deir Al Madina

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6 of 10 guardians of the gates of the Afterworld with Sennedjem and his wife in white on the right in the Tomb of Sennedjem

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