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Tourism in Aswan

Tourism in Aswan.
Aswan City is the Capital of Aswan Governorate that has a great history and bright future that makes it occupy prominent position among Egyptian cities. Aswan was the last name of Ancient Pharaonic Egypt and was considered an important garrison town that guarded Egypt's southern frontier and was a base for military incursions into Nubia and Sudan. Pharaohs from the Old Kingdom sent expeditions and built fortifications in the city and this made it important trade center between Egypt, Nubia and Sudan. Its location as a crossroads to the granite quarries, gold mines and trade ways kept it as an important capital and a strategic place. The armies of Tuthmosis III, Ramsses II , the Roman Empire, and Mohamed Ali , or the English army, had always a permanent base in Aswan from where they explore...Read More
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Tourism in Aswan

Sightseeing in Aswan
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A view of Nile River at Aswan with Kalabsha Temple at the background

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