Tourism in Abu Simbel

Tourism in Abu Simbel.
Abu Simbel is a small town located on the Western Bank of Lake Nasser, about 290 kilometers southwest of Aswan and only 50 kilometers away from the southern borders with Sudan. It has a small airport that serves the tourists visiting Ramses II and Nefertari Temples. The importance of the city is attributed to the existence of the two renowned temples of Nefertari and Ramsses II that date back to the Predynastic era. With the passage of time, the temples Abu Simbel were abandoned and the sand-storms covered them completely. From time to time, the wind removed the sand and revealed parts of the faces of the colossi of Ramses II. This created a sense of mystery, fantasy and fear among the local population and the Nomades. The discovery of Abu Simbel Temples began in 1813 when J. L. Burckhardt...Read More

Tourism in Abu Simbel

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