Goddess Sekhmet

Goddess Sekhmet is Ptah's wife and sister. Her name means "to be strong, mighty, and violent". Usually she is depicted as a lion-headed woman dressed in red with a solar disk and a uraeus or cobra over her head and carrying the ankh (the sign of life).
The reason for her great role in the ancient Egyptian mythology is the belief that she was the beloved daughter of Ra whose destructive power was used for attacking his enemies and punishing those who disobey him. Among the name she was known for in the ancient mythology: "Great Lady", "the Holy Powerful One" and many other names.
Often given the name 'the Eye of Ra', Sekhmet is thought to be the daughter of Ra that supposedly represented the traditional evil eye, the eye represents the god at attacking his foes. She possessed both might and violence and there are many references attesting her destructive use of the heat of the sun. Being a goddess of war and accompanying the king into battlefields, she was associated with weapons like arrows and swift darts. She was associated with the hot blows of winds. In the Book of the Dead, it is mentioned that, at times, her power exceeds that of the god of the underworld, especially when storms blow or floods come. Nevertheless, what virtually seems contrary to her wild nature is her possessing magical insights.

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