God Khnosu

Khnosu was one of the Triad of Thebes; the son of Amun-Ra and his consort Mut and was known as the traveler. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khnosu was the god of the moon and the god of fertility who helps women to become pregnant and the animals to conceive. He is usually depicted as a hawk-headed man with a lunar disk over his head. There are other depictions for him as a man with two hawk heads one of them topped with the solar disk and the other one with the lunar disk. The main center for worshiping Khnosu is his temple in the Karnak that was initiated by Ramsses III and completed by his successors who were all worshipers of Khnosu.
The priests of Khnosu made up many myths that tell the people about his numerous blesses and supernatural power to attract more people for worshiping him. He was regarded as the consultant of the gods and goddesses who help them in making the right and wise decision that works for the good of mankind and helps mankind in solving their problems. There are some paths in the temple of Khnosu that can be entered only by the chief priest of Khnosu where he can receive the commands of god and hear his opinion in the problems of the people.

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