Funerary Beds of Tutankhamun

The Egyptian Museum: Floor 2 Hall 9

Material : Wood Lined with Stucco and Painted , Gold Leaf , Glass Paste and Semi-precious Stones
Found in : Valley of the Kings (1922)
Period : king tut
Reign of : Tutankhamun
Dynasty: XVIII
Belonged_to: Tutankhamun
Excavation : Karter
Archeologist : Karter
Among the treasures of Tutankhamun , there were three large beds were found . During the funeral ceremony , the body of the king was placed on the three beds to show that he is under the protection of the deities depicted on its sides .

The first bed is distinguished with the two lion heads ornamenting its sides . The lion was used as a symbol for Mehet , the destroyer goddess who ensured the flooding of the Nile annually .

The second bed is decorated with two cow heads with spots on their body that forms the board of the bed . The cow was used as a portrait for Mehet-Uret; "the great flood" that represent the first being to emerge from Nun , the "Primordial Waters" .

The third and the most distinguished one is in the shape of a hybrid animal with the body of a leopard , the tail of a crocodile , and the head of a hippopotamus . This mythical figure in ancient Egyptian mythology was known as god Ammut , the "devourer of cadavers , " who appears in the scene of the weighing of souls in the Book of the Dead but the hybrid animal .

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