Djoser (Zoser)

The name , Djoser , had been firstly recorded on a slightly later ivory plaque where it appeared as the king's Nebty name . Because of the ancient graffiti on his pyramid as well as the Famine Stele , it became proved possible to identify Djoser with Netjerykhet .
Djoser Reign drives its kudos from a glorious inscription on the Sehel Island , near Elephantine at Aswan . At Sehel Island near Elephantine , Ptolemy V (Epiphanes) had inscribed on a rock face , 2000 years after Djoser's death , a text which describes the action taken by Djoser to deal with the 7-year Famine Stele during his reign . King Djoser had been endeavoring to pinpoint the sources of the Nile flood and to perceive the role of ram-headed god , Khnum (Lord of the Cataract) . He then makes an offering to Khnum , and the god appears to him in a dream , promising:
"I will cause the Nile to rise up for you . There will be no more years when the inundation fails to cover any area of land . The flowers will sprout up , their stems bending with the weight of the pollen . "

Panoramic view of Qadi Pasha Sabil Kuttab and some neighboring  shops and houses

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