Diocletian (284 - 305)

In addition to poverty , high taxes and unjust discrimination , Egypt also suffered from the attacks of the Blemmyes who came from the South . The Egyptian people did not show any resistance to these tribes , perhaps because they were tired of the Roman occupation . During the decline , the Roman administration did not find soldiers who wanted to serve in desert sites deprived from any sign of civilization .
Diocletian decided to move the defensive line to Aswan and convinced Bedouin tribes to move to the South to defend the Southern border in exchange for financial support . Moreover , Diocletian tried to buy peace through giving the Blemmyes large sums of money on the condition that they abstained from looting and pillaging .
In Alexandria , revolutions erupted one after another , the strongest of which was headed by Lucius Domitius Domitianus , who was declared emperor . Diocletian sent a large force that besieged Alexandria for 8 months and then attacked the city causing a great destruction . When Diocletian came to Alexandria , he found it an impoverished destroyed city with diseases and plagues striking its peoples . Diocletian decided to buy the Alexandrians' loyalty decreeing that part of the city's wheat reserve was to be donated to satisfy their hunger . In appreciation , the Alexandrians erected a monument in the form of a 26-meter column .
Diocletian decided to cancel the Alexandrian currency . Thus Egypt became incorporated with the monetary system of the Empire .
Diocletian had to face the danger of the new Christian Religion , which put obstacles in the way of materializing his project to revive the Empire . Christianity had spread in the Delta among the Greco-Egyptians and gradually spread to Alexandria that was evangelized by St . Mark in 60 AC . In 68 AC , he was martyred by an attack of pagans . Diocletian ordered the persecution of Christians and massacred thousands of them , so the year of his coronation is considered the year of the martyrs and the beginning of the Egyptian Coptic Calendar .
Diocletian divided the Empire into four regions , each two regions were governed by an emperor .

Overall view of Moses Mountain, Saint Catherine

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