Cleopatra VII (51 – 30 BC)

The last phase of the history of the Ptolemies in Egypt is considered one of the most mysterious periods in the history of the world . Cleopatra VII was such a strong character , a trained politician , well educated and cunning . She spoke many languages and she had the capability of ruling the country and imposing her strong personality on the leaders of the Roman Empire .
When she first appeared as a ruler with her brother , Ptolemy XIII , she was about 17 years old . At that time , she was not very good at the political affairs . She decided to support Pompey in his war against Caesar: she sent Egyptian ships , some grain and contributions for his help . However , eleven of the palace guards didn't stand by her and she fled first to Thebes where she raised and odd army marched on Pelusium where she met her brother Ptolemy , who was ready with a stronger army . At that time , the situation in Rome was clearer and it was obvious that the coming ruler would be Caesar . Pompey tried to find a way out of this through asking the help of his supporters . He fled to Alexandria searching for this support , but Ptolemy XIII had a different opinion .

Details of almost intact wall drawings decorating the Tomb of Khnumhotep Il

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