Ceremonial Axe of King Ahmes

The Egyptian Museum: Floor 2 Hall 4

Material : Wood , Copper , Gold , and Semi Precious Stones
Found in : Thebes , Dra Abu Al Naga , Tomb of Queen Ahhotep (1859)
Period : New Kingdom
Reign of : Ahmes
Dynasty: XVIII
Belonged_to: Ahmose
Archeologist : A . MARIETTE
Ahmes was the establisher of 18th Dynasty and the conqueror of the Hyksos . He was the son of Queen Ahhotep and the brother of Kames who played a great important role in the war of liberation .

This gold ceremonial axe was discovered among the treasures in the Tomb of Ahmes in Dra Abu El Naga . It is funerary object that was not used in the life of the pharaoh . It is admired for the gilded cedar wood handle and its copper blade . One of the sides of the blade is adorned with some scenes for Heh , god of infinite space , Nekhbet , vulture goddess and the guardian of Upper and Lower Egypt , and other deities who are supposed to protect the pharaoh . The other side of the plade depicts the pharaoh tormenting one of his enemies as a symbol for sovereign power , topped with some cartouches with the names and titles of Ahmes , and another depiction of a winged sphinx representing the pharaoh him .