Brain Omelet

Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian recipe
5-6 eggs  
1 grated onion  
2 tablespoons parsley leaves, sliced very finely  
1 tablespoon lemon juice  
3 crushed garlic cloves  
1 sheep's brain  
Salt and black pepper  
Soak brain in salted water, parboil, strain, then clear out of veins and mash.
Place ghee in pot over heat and fry onion until softens.
Add garlic, fry until it becomes golden in color, and stir continuously.
Get away from flame.
Beat eggs, stir in all ingredients.
Heat ghee again in saucepan and fry egg mixture until its bottom side sets.
Raise the edge to allow the eggs go beneath.
Keep frying and turn over till both sides obtain a golden color and are set.
You can serve after slicing it into thick chunks.

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