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x Security and Recommendations

Security: Egypt is one of the safest countries in the world. One can stroll in its streets at any time day and night peacefully without fear. Probably, the only two things that might bother you is the importunity of vendors or the curiosity of ch .....Mas

Welcome to Egypt

Welcome to the most complete guide of Egypt. .....Mas

x Shopping in Egypt

Cairo is one of the major shopping area in Egypt renowned for its huge markets and bazaars including Khan el-Khalili, Friday Market of Suq El Gomaa and others. Antiques, jewelry, spices, copper utensils and Coptic cloth are some of the special item a .....Mas

x Geography of Egypt

Location: Egypt locates in North Africa and Southwest Asia, with the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea on its shorelines. Total area: about1,001,449 square kilometers of land. Westward Egypt stands Libya, southward is Sudan, and eastward locates G .....Mas

x Egyptian Currency

The Egyptian Pound (EGP) is the official currency for the Arab Republic of Egypt, with every pound consisting of 100 piasters (units of currency). Approximately, one USD equals 5.50 pounds, while one Euro equals 8 pounds. Usually, there would not be .....Mas

x Egyptian Language

Arabic is the official language of the state used by almost all the inhabitants. The Egyptian slang is also preferable slang for almost all the Arabic speakers because it can be easily learnt by foreigners and understood by the speakers of all the ot .....Mas

x Discount for Students

Visiting monuments, museums, and tourist attractions as well as using some means of transportation, Students can enjoy a discount up to 50% off. Normally, students can use their school ID and college ID which are often accepted, however, it is more p .....Mas

x Demographics in Egypt

According to July 2007 surveys, Egypt is regarded as the third most populous country in Africa, since its population reaches about 80,335,036 and the ratio of population growth is 1.721%. In addition to the great population of Egypt, there is also a .....Mas

x Health and Hygiene Tips

A traveler may suffer from gastroenteritis or diarrhea resulting from: hot weather, air conditioning, difference in local hygiene standards from developed countries. To avoid diarrhea and stomach pains, it is recommended to drink mineral water and no .....Mas

x Egyptian Customs

Due to new international regulations, the traveler must declare the sum of foreign currencies he has, if exceeding 10000 UDS. Apart from that, entry and exit regulations are quite flexible especially for tourists traveling with tour operators. .....Mas

x Climate and weather of Egypt

Egypt is famous for its therapeutic weather since many cities enjoy a healthy climate. Thus most of the European travelers visit it as a health destination and touristic destination as well. Egypt enjoys a gracefully warm climate through out the .....Mas

x Visas

Egypt visa is accessible at your application in the Egyptian consulates which spread all over the world or upon your arrival to Egypt borders. The latter facility, however, is restricted to travelers of some countries. To make sure of the visa appli .....Mas

x Travelling with Children

Also Children have the chance to enjoy their time in Egypt, whether by swimming or diving in the beaches' crystal water by visiting the various temples, pyramids, churches, mosques and museums. If having a classic tour visiting monuments, extra c .....Mas

xReligions in Modern Egypt

Islam is the official religion in modern Egypt since it entered it in 461 on the hands of Amr Ibn El As and about 90 % of the inhabitants are Muslims. In spit of that there are other religions in Egypt including the Christian Orthodox whose total nu .....Mas

x Clothes in Egypt

When it comes to the mode of dressing, Egyptians are fairly conservative. However, unlike in other Islamic countries, in Egypt you may find people dressed in various styles: You can see men dressed in Western-styled suits, jeans, and Egyptian-styled .....Mas

x History of Egypt

The emergence of the Egyptian Civilization is considered a kind of giving birth to the human civilization in general. Egyptians put the first stone for the human civilization on the Nile banks, where the cradle of great civilization grew up, flourish .....Mas



Business Days and Holidays

Existen 2 horas de diferencia entre Egipto y GMT/UTC. .....Mas

x Having Private Car in Egypt

Enjoying greater freedom and moving from one place to another, you can be accompanied by your private car or motorcycle. The highways and the byways linking major cities are reasonably paved. Along the roads, you can find gas stations, service statio .....Mas

x Egyptian International Motorways

Egypt is linked to some Arab countries through a network of buses. Tourists can travel by motorways to any of the Egyptian land neighbors across the borders at Salloum, Taba, and Rafah. For more information, kindly contact the following companies: .....Mas

x Taxis in Egypt

Taxis are usually the easiest means of transportation in any Egyptian city. In major cities, although most taxis are equipped with taximeter, both the passenger and the taxi driver should set a fare as it changes according to the distance traveled. .....Mas

x Airports in Egypt

First, the following is a list that includes the Egyptian international airports: - Cairo Airport. - Alexandria Airport. - Luxor Airport. - Hurghada Airport. - Sharm El-Sheikh International Airport(Ophira International Airport) -Taba Intern .....Mas

x Egyptian Maritime Lines

The Egyptian international ports (including Alexandria, Port- Said, Suez, Nuweiba, Safaga, and Damietta) receive ships from Europe. Moreover, there are shipping lines with Jordan and Saudi Arabia, with regular trips between the following ports: .....Mas

x Limousine Services in Egypt

Limousines (large passenger vehicles driven by a chauffeur) Tourists can take a rental car or a limousine from the airport to any place in Egypt, according to a fare depending on the distance. Tourists can also phone for a limousine from the hotel w .....Mas

x Railways in Egypt

A highly efficient network of railways in Cairo connects all the Egyptian cities. All trains have luxury cars, first and second class. The Egyptian Railway Organization provides tour operators with tourist wagons. Such wagons are for both in first a .....Mas

x Airlines in Egypt

Egypt is connected with all the major capitals of the world through a network of both the Egyptian airlines and other foreign airlines. The national airline of Egypt is Egypt Air that provides regular domestic flights. Such flights take off from Cair .....Mas

x 2- Gharb El Delta Company in Egypt

- (AI-Sahm EI-Dahabi: The Golden Arrow): - Domestic Lines: Cairo -Matruh- Siwa. - In Alexandria the following cities: Sohag, Assiut, Al-Minya, Beni-Suif, Al-Fayym, Port-Said, Hurghada, Sharm El-Shiekh PS: - The line Matruh, and El-Sahel El .....Mas

x 1- Al Ittihad Al Arabi Company (Super Jet)

The company has international lines departing from Libya to Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu-Dhabi, Syria, and Lebanon. Plus, it has domestic lines departing from Cairo and Alexandria to all the Egyptian spots. The co .....Mas

x 3- Shark El Delta Compamy in Egypt

- International lines: Beni Ghazi (Libya), Tripoli (Libya), Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. - Domestic Lines: The Southern Sina: El Tor , Sharm El Sheikh, Dahab, .....Mas

x4- Upper Egypt For Transport Company

The company has lines departing from the governorates of Upper Egypt and Red Sea reaching various places in the country. -Office of Suez (the cities of: Asuan, Luxor , Beni-Suif, Sohag). -Office of Alexandria (the cities of: Al Fayyum, Beni-Sui .....Mas

x Egypt Telephon and Cell Phone Services

In Egypt, the international prefix is +20 All prefixes of fixed telephones and cell phones begin with zero. For example, the number prefix of Cairo is +02). But, to make calls to Egypt from abroad, you dial +20 and remove the zero from the town's nu .....Mas

x Egypt post and Telegraph Services

Post and telegraph offices are open 7 days a week, for limited hours, while some others are open 24/7 and during holidays. For most countries, the postcards and letters' postage are available over 15 grams of weight, with a cost of 1.30 EGP. Often .....Mas

x Internet Access in Egypt

If you take your laptop with you anywhere, be sure you do not forget to take also a power adapter and a plug adapter. In Egypt, the voltage is 220 AC. In most 5-star hotels, however, you can find the voltage of 110 AC and 220 AC. Internet cafes ar .....Mas

x Birdwatching in Egypt

In Egypt there are several marvelous areas to observe a huge number of birds, native or migratory. The sounds of real owls are often heard, and their flocks seen in the desert. In Ain Soukhna (Near Suez) you can watch vultures, eagles and other bird .....Mas

x Safari Trips in Egyptian Deserts

Hoping to acquire your satisfaction, you shall find many tour operators organizing desert safaris are awaiting to serve your appetite. Desert safaris are designed to suit everyone, not just those who have a deep interest in geology or who want to stu .....Mas

x Egyptian Horse and Camel Riding Tours

In almost all corners of the Egyptian tourist cities, you have a wonderful chance to take horse and camel riding tours. Taking photos while riding is an "awesome" thing to do in the Pyramids spot. Crossing the desert between the Giza pyramids and Saq .....Mas

x Sport Fishing in Egypt

Although sport fishing is not quite widespread, it is very common to see Cairians fishing on the Nile banks near Manyal or Maadi or see them fishing from over the great bridges of the city. On the other hand, in Alexandria sport fishing is rarely pra .....Mas

x Scuba Diving

Discover the charming diving areas in the most graceful wonderland in the Universe, Egypt. Scuba Diving in Egypt is a great option for any keen diver around the world. Scuba Diving in Egypt is not only very affordable, but it is simply a fantastic sc .....Mas

xCycling in Egypt

Enhancing cycling experiences are available in and around Cairo and other locations in Egypt. Surprisingly enough, Cairo and the immediate areas around Cairo offer a diverse range of enjoyable and unique cycling experiences. Yet, such a sport is pref .....Mas

x Golf in Egypt

Recently, the Egyptian Tourist Authority, has been promoting Egypt image as a golf destination. The following are some of the golf destinations in Egypt: Hurghada Cascades Golf Resort & Country Club, located at (48 km south of Hurghada on the road .....Mas

x Useful Diving Courses in Egypt

Expand your horizons and learn more by taking part in the diving courses in Egypt. In Hurghada and the Sinai, there are many diving centers and schools; which offer courses for beginners. Dive to a maximum depth of 30 meters, navigate your way throug .....Mas

x Dive Ships Permission in Egypt

* Dive ships can obtain through the Egyptian consulates abroad. * Contacting the port director is a necessary action after the ship arrives. * The route that the ship takes in the territorial water will be determined by the port authorities and by .....Mas

x Live- Aboards Cruise in The Red Sea

The Egyptian Red Sea cannot be beaten for value for money. Within a few-hour flight, you have access to some of the best diving in the world with a selection of excellent hotels and live boards. During the winter months of November to March the Red .....Mas

x Requirements and Tips for Practicing Diving in Egypt

Diving Requirements • A license obtained from a diving centre, international or local, is required to be in hand with those interested in diving. • The organizing companies should submit a statement in which they assume the responsibility for .....Mas

x Temporarily Off-Limits in Egypt

Temporarily Off-Limits for Reef Reservation Work in Egypt Right now the Egyptian government is restricting access for most dive vessels to the renowned Red Sea diving reefs of the Daedelus & Brothers islands. Alarmed by environmentalist reports th .....Mas

x Arabic Learning Cources In Egypt

Many agencies and schools offer Arabic learning in short or long time courses. Most of the departments of Arabic philology in Egyptian universities offer Arabic language classes. Among the universities commonly jointed by foreign students, however, a .....Mas

x Islamic Religion Study Centers in Egypt

El-Azhar University is the chief center of Arabic literature and Sunni Islamic learning in the world and the world's second surviving degree granting university. It is associated with El Azhar Mosque in Old Cairo. The university's mission includes th .....Mas

Business Days and Hours

Official Authorities: They provide services Saturday through Thursday, 08.30am to 14.30pm, except public holidays. Banks: Banks' business days are Monday through Thursday, 08.30am to 14.00pm. But, in major hotels and airports, banks are o .....Mas

Public Holidays

Holidays in Egypt have many classifications. There are a set of national holidays celebrated by the entire population. Since Islam is the state religion, the Islamic holidays are observed by all Egyptians. Therefore, holidays are determined by the lu .....Mas

Coptic Egypt (337 - 641)

With the death of Constantine, the Roman Empire had been divided into two parts: the Eastern part and the Western one. The Western Roman Empire collapsed due to the German invasions. While in the Eastern Roman Empire, a new Greek-Christian civilizati .....Mas

x Predynastic Period

The Predynastic Period extends over a very long span of time marking the first evidence of human civilization beginning to appear in Egypt. That is, it is the period that preceded the invention of writing and recording, a period that witnessed the fi .....Mas

x Geographical Position of Egypt

Egypt is located in the Northeastern corner of Africa. It is connected to Asia via Sinai Peninsula and separated from Europe by the Mediterranean. Egypt is located in the core of the world. It lies at the meeting point of Africa, Asia and Europe and .....Mas

Roman History of Egypt

With the death of Cleopatra VII and Mark Antonio, and with the fall of Alexandria in the hands of Augustus Octavius in 30 BC, Augustus became the legitimate heir of the government of Egypt. Octavius celebrated his victory achieved in the Battle of .....Mas

x Bronze Age & Prehistoric Period

It covers The Badarian Culture of both Niqada I, Niqada II (In Quena)on the one hand,and Maadi ( in South Cairo governorate) on the other hand . .....Mas

x The Gerzean Period

The discovery of the culture of el-Gerza, several kilometres from Meidum, provided the evidence for a third Predynastic phase and a second stage of the Naqada Period: the Gerzean c.4000-3300 BC. The differences between the Amratian and Gerzean groups .....Mas

x Marmadat Bani Salama Neolithic Village

Marmadat Bani Salama is a Neolithic village, in which its inhabitants built their muddy huts along the two sides of a strait main road. This village is considered the first backbone structure of a village and it refers to the existence of an authorit .....Mas

x Deir Tasa Culture

The Tasian people knew cultivation and planted different cereals. Besides, they knew how to make fine flint axes. Women interested in cosmetics, knew green and red colors and used them in their make-up and wore ornaments. Pottery of Deir Tasa .....Mas

x Maadi Culture

Late the Neolithic period witnessed emergence of the Maadi Culture, coinciding with the Metal Period in Delta. This Culture emerged in the middle between Delta and Upper Egypt and formed a link between them. Buildings dating back to this period exten .....Mas

x The Badarian Culture

Belonging to the Bronze Age is the Badarian Culture that is distinguished by discovering copper and other metals. The Badarian people were keen in developing the industry of pottery, seeking to render it smoother and more decorated. They produced red .....Mas

x The Second Dynasty

We have not details of the Second Dynasty kings. The first three of them are only considered as three names in the King-Lists. These 3 names were found in the King List at Abydos, and were found on one of the statues' back shoulder related to the A .....Mas

xTombs of the Thinite Period

Discoveries were made at 'Abydos' where archeologists found many objects in the tombs bearing the names of the First Dynasty's Kings. This led to the belief that the tombs of the First Dynasty's Kings were located at this place in Ancient Egypt. Such .....Mas

x The Legendary Thinis

Up till now, the location of Thinis is still undisclosed. Some Egyptologists argued that it is the Modern Village 'EI- Tina', near Bardees. However, this view was rejected by those who followed Daressy's view that supported that this capital was loca .....Mas

x The First Dynasty, the Unification

Two main changes mark the beginning of the First Dynasty: the spread of writing and the foundation of Memphis. The Egyptians, since the New Kingdom, had been recorded on their Monuments the name 'Menes' as their first king. This was known als .....Mas

x Some Characteristics of the Thinite Period

In conclusion, the Thinite era was very similar to Third Dynasty, and most of the major institutions were in place before Djoser Reign. The king was no longer described only as Horus, instead, later he acquired three names that formed the basis of hi .....Mas

x Queen Meryt-Neith

Queen Meryt-Neith is the first queen who ruled as a king over Egypt, like queen Neith-Hotep. Her name is associated with goddess Neith. There were two huge tombs for her: one is at Saqqara close to the capital of the newly-unified country and the o .....Mas

x Den -Udimu

At the beginning of his reign, Den worked on limiting the power of the High Court officials, which had previously been allowed to grow dangerously during Meryt-Neith's regency. He followed a foreign policy which drew his attention to the Near .....Mas

x Adjib

The name "Adjib" means 'the one with the bold heart'. The other name of King Adjib – being the King of Upper and Lower Egypt –was Merpubia. He probably ascended to the throne late in life. It was in Adjib's reign that the 'Two Lords' name (the .....Mas

x King Hor Aha

The name "Hor-aha" means the Fighter. On King Aha's monuments, there are some indications mentioning his wars against the Libyans and the Nubians. Moreover, there is a reference to some religious ceremonies like his coronation ceremony. After .....Mas

x King Qa-aa

He is the last king in the First Dynasty. His tomb at Abydos included several jar sealing and labels upon which his Horus name was written. His tomb at Saqqara, unearthed in 1954, was found to be a vast building measuring 65 x 37 meters. From the .....Mas

x Wadjet or Djet

His name means Serpent. He led an expedition to the Red Sea, perhaps with the aim of exploiting the mines in the Eastern Desert. His name has been found engraved on the rocks of one of the routes in the Eastern Desert which connected between Edfu a .....Mas

x Narmer

Narmer is the First Dynasty's first king whose name was known from later King Lists and from classical sources. In their own time, these kings were mostly known by their Horus names and not by their birth names which are used in the lists. As a resul .....Mas

x Semerkhet

His Horus name was 'companion of the gods', and his Nebty name was 'he whom the two mistresses guard'. He certainly attempted to emphasize his legitimacy by erasing Adjib's name from his jubilee vases. This legitimacy was called into question w .....Mas

x Djer

Djer's daughter was Queen Meryt-Neith, whose tomb has been excavated in the royal necropolis at Abydos. Djer Reign is characterized by further developments in foreign policy, that include expeditions to Nubia, Libya and Sinai. He also set the economi .....Mas

x Narmer Palette

Narmer palette is the slate palette of green schist attributed to king Narmer, which is displayed at the Cairo Museum. On the palette's two sides, the scenes are different in their details, yet both commonly commemorate the King's victory over his en .....Mas

x On other side

In the second register, we find king Narmer wearing the Red Crown and his sandal-bearer is standing behind him. In front of the king, another high official preceded by the standard-bearers who carries emblems at the top of the standards. At the right .....Mas

x On One Side

In the center, we see the King stands, wearing the White Crown and holding an enemy, who is kneeling, from his forehead. The King holds in his right hand a mace-head to smite the enemy with. In front of the King, we see god Horus in the shape of .....Mas

x Hetepsekhemwy

The name "Hetepsekhemwy" means 'The Two Powers are at Peace', with "The Two Powers" referring to Horus and Seth. As to his Nebty name, it was 'The Two Mistresses are at Peace', with "The Two Mistresses" referring to Nekhbet, the vulture-goddess of .....Mas

x Khasekhemwy

King Khasekhem whose name means 'the Powerful is Crowned' was a native of Hierakonpolis. It is thought that the victory over the North was the reason behind the later change of his name into Khasekhemwy which means 'The Two Powers are Crowned' placin .....Mas

x Religious Conflicts During the Second Dynasty

Two main features marked the Second Dynasty: the change in the administrative system of the country and the revolt against Horus. As a matter of fact, Seth was the supreme deity in the South. But at one stage of time, Horus overshadowed him and overc .....Mas

x Weneg and Sened

Weneg and Sened, the successors of Nynetjer, are known only from vases inscriptions in Djoser's pyramid complex (apart from references to them in the King-Lists). It is possible that their power was confined to the Memphite area. Sened was a .....Mas

x Reneb

The name "Reneb" means 'Lord of the Sun' or 'Re is my Lord'. Reneb adopted a new religious orientation which would have been favored by the North. This religious change is confirmed by the name of Reneb's successor, ynetjer. .....Mas

x Ynetjer

The name "Ynetjer" means 'He who belongs to the god'. Reneb and Nynetjer may have been buried in a pair of tombs under the causeway of the Pyramid of Wenis at Saqqara. This is according to some cylinder seal which bore their names. They have also occ .....Mas

The First Intermediate Period

The Papyrus of Ipu-wer described the conditions of Egypt accurately at the end of the Sixth Dynasty. The central authority disintegrated and large numbers of Bedouins from the east attacked the country, started to plunder people and spread fear. This .....Mas

x The Thinite Period

Manetho described the first two dynasties as 'Thinite'. Thinis is a legendary city, near Abydos, said to be the home of the first kings of Egypt, those of the First and the Second Dynasties. Tombs that belong to the First and the Second Dynasties' .....Mas

The Second Intermediate Period

It did not begin suddenly at the end of the Twelfth Dynasty, and it was simply a convenient label for a chronological gap, since only the dates of its beginning and end are definitely known: it began with the death of Queen Sobekneferu, and lasted un .....Mas

x Old Kingdom

The dawn of the Ancient Egyptian Old Kingdom is marked by the emergence of the Third Dynasty. There are two major features that most distinctly described the Old Kingdom: (A) It was named "The Pyramid Age". This period denoted a span of time that .....Mas

x The Fifth Dynasty

The country as a whole and its administration had not witnessed great changes in the beginning of the reign of Userkaf whose name means (powerful is His Ka). For instance, there are some of the Fourth Dynasty officials who remained in office, such as .....Mas