The Tekiya of Sulayman lies in Bab Zuwayla next to the Mosque-Mausoleum of El-Bahlawan . The building was dedicated for the Sufis in the past, but it is still inhabited by people till now. The monument was established by Sulayman Pasha who was the governor of Egypt for ten years. He is credited to the construction of the first Ottoman mosque in the Citadel and many other mosques in Cairo. Some of the distinguishing features of the Tekiya are its entrance with a trilobed portal, the vaulted stairs leading to the courtyard, The arcade with the shallow dome supported by finely decorated pillars, among others. Southeast the Tekiya appears a small mosque, where, a Muslim saint, named El-Shaykh El-Adil El-Qilani, is burried in one of its corners.