The Hod of Shaykhu lies in The Citadel district nearby the Mausoleum of Yunus Dewedar . It was erected by Emir Shaykhu who was one of the famous Emirs during the reign of the Sultan El Nasser Ibn Hasan. In 1351, he played a great role in supporting Sultan Hasan in restoring his power. Therefore, the Sultan made him the Commander in Chief and gave him for the first time the title of Emir Kabir (grand marshal).

The reason for his resonating historical fame is His decree regarding the rules of etiquette inside the royal court of sultan Hasan. He decreed that no one is permitted to sit in front of Sultan Hasan except for the Sharif of Mecca. The Hod or Sabil is one of the buildings that the charitable noblemen in the past were establishing to provide the thirst passersby with water. This Hod was the first source of water for the people who travel from Syria to Egypt. The Hod is ornamented with the blazon of Emir Shaykhu as a Cupbearer and some other inscriptions of some Hadithes of Prophet Mohamed .