Madrasa of Emir Sunqur Saadi situates in El-Seyufia Street off El-Helmia Street nearby the Palace of Qawsun . It was built by Emir Sunqur El-Saadi who was the Royal Chief of Mamluk at the time of Sultan El-Nasir Muhammad . After building the mausoleum and the Madrasa, he quarreled with Emir Qawsun and was obliged to leave Egypt. The mausoleum is known now as the tomb of Shaykh Hasan Sadaqa who was buried there after El-Saadi's departure. The façade of the Madrasa is beautifully decorated with stucco accents.
The dome has unusual stucco decorations, while the framed stair steps are ornamented with stucco medallions. Windows of the monument are handsomely decorated with geometrical shapes and stucco grills that illuminate the whole place. The door of the Madrasa is ornamented with paneled crenellations. The Mabkhara and the Transition zone of the Minaret prove that it is designed on the Mamluk style of decoration. The major part of the Madrasa is in ruins except from the northwest nave. The precint contained also a Mevlevi dervish hostel for the Followers of the Mawlaya or Shaykh Jalal EL-Deen El Rumy . The hostel also conatined a ceremonies hall.