The Sultaniya locates in El-Sayyida Eisha Square nearby the Mosque of Sultan Nur El-Deen and the Mosque of El Sayyida Eisha . This monument was constructed by the mother of Sultan Hasan in the Bahri Mamluk period. It was a part of a complex that contained a Khanqah which is asserted by the use of the two identical domes above the main nave which is one of the distinguishing features of the Khanqah at that time .The Minaret of the complex is in parallel to the dome in the south. The main nave of the Sultaniya is handsomely ornamented with cloister vault. The Sultaniya is typically decorated on the Mamluk period style which appears clearly in the design of the domes. Above the main nave, there are two brick ribbed domes. The outer dome is built to permit a high visible profile, while the inner dome is used for providing an interior covering. These domes are distinguished by their bulbous structure that is due to the innovated way of using the stalactite corbels. The ribs that appear on the domes were added in the restoration process of the 15th century.