Maristan of Sultan El-Muayyad Shaykh lies in nearby Sultan Hasan Street and few meters away from Sikkat El-Komi Street. This Maristan or hospital was constructed in Sultan El-Muayyad to provide the inhabitants of the Citadel with the health care services that they need. After his death the building was used as a place for the foreign people in Egypt to live in. To erect this Maristan, the Sultan destroyed the beautiful palace of Sultan Shaban that had been standing in the area upon which the hospital was built. The major part of the monument is in ruins now, but it is still worth visiting for its magnificent façade that appears remarkably among other modern buildings.
The remains of the building highlight that it was decorated on the Mamluk style which appears obviously in the use of keel arched panels for supporting the façade. The portal is ornamented with pendentive medallions that were painted in beautiful contrasting colors but it faded now. On the left side of the entrance appears a number of pillars handsomely decorated with intricate stone carving.