The Qasaba of Radwan Bey lies in El Darb El Ahmar in front of Bab Zuwayla . It was established in the Ottoman period by Emir Radwan Bey who was a man of religious prestige and political effect. He was responsible for Pilgrimage affairs for 25 years. Before being part of the property of Radwan Bey that area was occupied by the palace of Emir Elgai in the fourteenth century that went after his death to the daughter of Sultan El-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qalawun, Aisha Khatun. Many years later, Radwan Bey began his attempts of the urban development of the area by establishing his complex that contains the Wikala, Sabil, Zawiya, and Qasaba. The Qasaba was mainly constructed for being a place for the shoemakers and now it can be considered as one of the most distinguished covered markets in Egypt. It has a wooden ceiling with small windows that cover the whole street.

The second floor of the Qasaba was used as homes for the craftsmen who work there. In the past, the craftsmen of this area were responsible for making and decorating the cover of El-Kaaba every year for many years. Nowadays this area is known as El Khayamiya or the tent making market that is famous for selling the trappings and objects used in the caravans and other cushion covers and wall hanging. It is one of the most visited local markets in Egypt since most of the tourist prefer taking these handmade works as souvenirs. The most distinguishing feature of this market is that tent makers usually display their works of Pharaonic and islamic design over the windows of the small stalls. are many small shops that trade in the sewn canvas goods and in that area now.