The Khanqah of El Bunduqdariya locates in El Darbel Ahmar District in El Helmia Street. It was established by El-Bunduqdariya who served as an officer for El-Saleh Nagm El-Deen Ayyub in the late Mamluk period. The monument is a small domed tomb that is known as Zawiyat El abbar now. The dome of the tomb has a beautiful inscription of the first blazon in Egypt which was used by the Mamluks in the phase from 1283 to 1517. This blazon that appears on the dome belongs to the bunduqdari or the crossbowman who was one of El Saleh Nagm El Deen Ayyub officers. The area where the monument exists is regarded as the heart of the Fatimid Cairo for the huge number of monuments in it. In addition, El Darb El Ahmar now is regarded as one of the major local markets in Egypt because it encloses a large number of shops for copper and brass artifacts and other handmade crafts that attract tourists who look for souvenirs.