Damietta (or Domyat) is a governorate in the north of Egypt covering about 1.029 km² on the extreme of Damietta Branch of the Nile River. It comprises of four administrative centers, 35 localities and a large number of villages and its capital is Damietta City. The governorate is renowned for furniture industry and agriculture since it is renowned for its guava farms and the 500,000 palm tress over its land. Thus the main economic resources for Damietta are driven from agriculture as well as gas, furniture and food industries. The most famous agricultural products in Damietta are wheat, cotton , rice and potato and others. On top of the most visited cities in Damietta are Ras El Bar; one of prominent resorts in Egypt for Egyptians and foreigners alike for its moderate weather and marvelous water of the Mediterranean Sea.Additionally, it includes "Kafr El Bateekh" the city of the renowned Egyptian goalkeeper Esam El Hadary. The governorate provides its inhabitants with all essential facilities and services such as education and health care. Damietta University is one of the major universities in Egypt that encloses about seven faculties.


Damietta City Travel Guide

Damietta (or Domyat) is the capital of Damietta Governorate that locates about 200 km north of Cairo. It is also a port on the Mediterranean Coast of Egypt from which natural gas and other industrial and agricultural products are exported. It is one of the major industrial and trade centers in Egypt that is renowned for various industries including leathers, textile and furniture industries. Moreover most of the inhabitants earn their living from fishing since it is one of the major coastal cities overlooking the Mediterranean sea whose fleet accounts for half of the boats in Egypt. Damietta is famous not only as a port but also as an agricultural city especially in rice, guava and palm trees. The ancient name of the city was Tamiat. During the Greco-Roman Period, it became less important after the foundation of the city of Alexandria and during the Caliphate rule, Rosetta was the main port. During the Crusades attack, the city was suffered from several attacks, but both the Mamluk and the Ayyubid leaders met with victory over the bloody invasion. Because of the great importance the city enjoys, the Mamlukes Sultan El Zaher Baybars destroyed the city and rebuilt it with stronger fortifications a few kilometers from the Nile. Currently, the city has many Islamic monuments dating back to the Mamluk and Ottoman Eras.




Farskor City

Faraskor is one of the major cities of Damietta Governorate on the eastern bank of the Nile. The City enjoys a great history since it witnessed the last battle between Egyptians and Crusades. Faraskor City encloses a number of monuments including the Mosque of El Hadidi that is regarded as one of the oldest monumental mosques in Egypt. In addition to that it is the birthplace for many prominent figures in Egypt such as the famous writer Zaky Naguib Mahmoud and Bent El Shatee Aesha Abd El Rahman and many other people.

Ezbet El Borg


Ezbet El Borg or the city of the tower is one of the important cities in Damietta that was called after the tower that was a principle means for protecting city from the outer attacks. This tower is severely ruined currently. Currently the reason for the prominent position of the city is the existence of one of the major shipyards in Egypt and one of the major fleets in the Mediterranean Sea. Thus Fishing and trade are the main sources of income for most of the inhabitants of the city.




Ras El Bar City

Ras Elbar is a major city and resort on the Mediterranean Coast, in Damietta Governorate. The City covers about 200 km north of Cairo and is distinguished by its unique position since it is the point where the Nile River meets the Mediterranean Sea. In addition to that it enjoys a good moderate weather, crystal clear water and numerous tourist places.The main economic resources for the city currently are tourism and trade since it has become one of the international trade points and tourist attraction as well. Ras El Bar resort is widely visited resort not only by Egyptians but also for foreigners due to the wide range of facilities and services provided for visitors and the numerous marvelous places. On top of popular tourist attractions in Ras El-Bar comes El Gerby Zone that is distinguished by overlooking the Nile River and forming the third side of the triangular city.

On the sides of El Gerby zone, there are numerous places of entertainments, social clubs and casinos. El Gerby zone is considered one of the best places of natural therapy in Egypt. This is because the area's dry sands contain thorium which is useful in healing rheumatism through the process of submerging the infected limb into the sand. Additionally the city encloses El Lissan Region, the Hanging garden, and the Nile Street of Corniche El Neel. Moreover, the city encompasses a large number of villas, hotels, apartments, shopping centers, and blocks to provide the visitors with all necessary amenities and comforts.

Kafr Saad City

Kafr Saad is one of the cities of Damietta Governorate on the Mediterranean Sea coast. It comprises of a number of smaller cities and villages and most of its inhabitants earn their living from working in agriculture, fishing or trade.


Kafr El Battikh

Kafr El Battikh is one of the cities of Damietta Governorate on the eastern bank of the Nile. It comprises of a number of smaller cities and villages and has a great history that dates back to the time of the crusades attack. Nes Damietta of Domyat El Gedeeda is one of the major newly erected cities in Damietta on the land Kafr El Bateekh. The main economic resources of the city currently are agriculture and trade since it encompasses a wide range of agriculture land and is famous for plantation of palmtree and guava. The city is the birthplace of many famous figures in Egypt including the renowned goalkeeper Esaam El Hadary.



Mit Abu Ghaleb City


Mit Abu Ghaleb is one of the major cities in Kafr Saad Center in Damietta Governorate on the bank of the Nile. It is a city of a great history that date back to the Pharaonic period when it was used as a harbor.The importance of the city decreased after the construction of the High Dam but it is still one of the major cities that ensure all necessary services for its inhabitants.



El Roda City

El Roda is one of the cities of Damietta Governorate that locates about 4 km away from Faraskor Center and about 15 km away from Damietta City. It was given that name recently due to its magnificent natural beauty. Fishing is one of the main source of income for most of the inhabitants because it is overlooking El Manzalah Lake.