Marsa Matrouh City

Matrouh is a governorate in the Western Desert in Egypt, on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered with Giza and El Wadi El Gedid Governorates from the south, Alexandria Governorate from the east and Libya from the west. Being one of Egypt's biggest governorates, Matrouh stretches over 166,563 km² and its capital is Marsa Matrouh.

The governorate comprises on its land 5 distinctively different areas: the Coastal area, the Lybian Plateau, the Qattara Depression, the Oasis and the Sand Sea.

Matrouh Governorate encloses a wide range of agricultural lands and is renowned for its production of wheat, fig, and dates.In addition, Matrouh is rich in mineral wealth including natural gas and other materials such as limestone, gypsum, and sands, extracted from El Hamma, and Siwa and many other places throughout the governorate.

Matrouh also hosts some industries such as petrochemical industries and tobacco and encloses some industrial zones that provide the governorate with a part of its economic resources. Among the great incidents the governorate witnessed is the Battle of Alamein, when the Second World War was almost decided. Matrouh is one of the major tourist attractions in Egypt for its fascinating natural beauty and magnificent weather.

Tourists can practice various activities in Matrouh like safaris, swimming, diving and fishing while enjoying the fascinating beauty of the clear blue water and white sand. The importance of the governorate as a tourist place doubled after the establishment of Matrouh Internaional Airport that encourages many foreigners on starting their excursion in Egypt from Matrouh.

Marsa Matrouh City

Marsa Matrouh is a seaport and the capital of Matrouh Governorate in the north-west of Egypt. It locates about 290km to the south of Alexandria City and can be easily reached by plane through Matouh International Airport or Burg El Arab Airport in Alexandria. Its name in the Ptolemaic Period was Paraitonion and in the Roman times was Paraetonium. As a city blessed with all aspects of modernity, Matrouh has a wide range of commercial centers, diving schools, summer clubs and incredible tourist attractions. Shopping is one of the preferable activities for tourists in Marsa Matrouh.

It is regarded as a trade center for the nomads of the Western Desert where they can sell their handmade works, poultry and cattles. There is a large number of bazaars displaying souvenirs and items from Egypt and Libya alike at good prices and high quality. Marsa Matrouh is distinguished by its white sand beaches and magnificent unspoilt scenery that attracts visitors whether Locals or foreigner especially in summer. In addition to beaches and natural beauty, Matrouh encloses a number of monumental places that date back to the Roman and Greek periods and some museums including Romel Museum.

On Matruh lands, one can enjoy visiting natural protectorates like Ameed Natural Protectorate that encloses a marvelous collection of animals like deer and reptiles and other rare species of animals and birds.

El Negila is one of the small administrative centers in Matrouh Governorate in the Western Desert in Egypt. For a long time, the city was depending on underwater in its everyday life and was lacking the essential services of education, health care services and electricity supply and many other services. Nowadays the government is paying more attention for such areas and exerting a lot of effort for providing the inhabitants with such services.

El Hammam City is one of the administrative centers of Matrouh Governorate. It is regarded as the eastern gate of the governorate that locates about 63km away from Alexandria. It encloses a number of tourist villages of El Sahel El Shamali or the Northern Coast with its luxuriously designed malls, hotels, and chalets. In the vicinity of El Hammam City stand Burg El Arab Airport, New Alexandria City and many other cities that are regarded as popular tourist attractions.

Sidi Barrani

About 95 km east of Egypt's border with Libya, near the Mediterranean Sea, is situated the village of Sidi El Barrani. On its land, the village includes some monumental hills in addition to rock-hewn cemeteries, dating back to the Greek and Roman Eras. During their attempt to invade Egypt from the west, the Italian troops advanced to the village and established some forts on its land.


Ras El Hikma Beach


Beaches of Marsa Matrouh Ras El Hekma

Ras El Hikma Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Matrouh Governorate and in the Northern Coast. It lies about 85 km eastward Marsa Matrouh. Like most of the beaches of Matrouh, it is blessed with magnificent scenery, white sand, and crystal clear blue water. Of special interest of this beach is that it is neighboring the luxuriously decorated villa of King Farouk with its marvelous lake.

Ras El Hekma Beach has been recently announced as a natural protectorate since it encloses a rare collection of birds and animals that attracts many visitors who are interested in birdwatching.

Aguiba Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Coast, Agiba Beach lies about 38 km from Marsa Matrouh City. With its constantly clean sand and mild temperature, the beach stretches over only 40 meters among protecting cliffs. The beach is highly admired for the magnificent unpolluted natural beauty of the rock formations and the crystal clear water.


Al-Gharam Beach (Love Beach)

About 17 km from the city of Marsa Matrouh, lies El Gharam Beach which is a magnificent place out of this world. Blessed with mild temperature, fine sand, and normally quite waves, the beach is a spot ideal for swimming and other summer activities.


Rommel Beach

Beaches of Marsa Matrouh Love Beach El Gharam Beach

Romel Beach is one of the popular attractions in Marsa Matrouh that locates At Rommel Island, about 2.5 km far from Marsa Matrouh City and opposite to the city's eastern port. It is blessed with a charming view of the color of water of Rommel Beach mingling with the horizon of the sky. The Beach is distinguished by Rummel Museum that was mainly a cave carved within a mountain and used as a hideout for Romel where he was used to draw up his plans. Nowadays this cave has become a military museum that encloses a rare collection of weapons, maps and ammunitions of the German Army that were gifted to Egypt by the son of Romel.

Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach is another wonderfully beautiful spot in Matrouh Governorate. Nevertheless, it is not a place idea for satisfying the wishes for swimming since it is full of dangerous cliffs and strong waves. It is given that name after the famous Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, the beloved of the Roman Commander Marc Antony.