Built in 1310 (810 AH), the Moeiny Complex is one of the oldest buildings in the city of Damietta. During the reign of Sultan Al-Nasir Qalawun, this huge edifice was established by Mohamed Moen (also known as Moen Eddin), who was a merchant from Damietta. It comprises a mosque, the tomb of El Moeiny (to the left) and a school in the second floor. This school (Unfortunately in a bad condition) was intent to teach the methods of Islam and different sciences at that time. The mosque was built on the Mamluk style of both architecture and decoration. The plan of the mosque consists of a wooden-roofed courtyard surrounded by four porticos. It was not until the Ottoman Period that the Mimbar was added. Both the mosque's walls and the tomb are richly decorated with beautiful Quranic scripts. The ceiling shows a great example of accuracy in decoration and artistic details. Unfortunately, the mosque is now almost in ruins, because of the underground water.