Paheri was the Mayor of Nekheb and tutor of Prince Wadjmose, during the reign of Thutmosis III. From the scenes in the Tomb of Ahmose, Son of Abana, we knew that he was his grandson. The tomb measures 8.30m long, 3.80m wide and 3.50m high. It resembles a tunnel in its shape. Enclosed within the tomb are: a platform, a ruined façade, an oblong roofed chamber, and a niche with three statues. As the most celebrated tomb in El Kab, the Tomb of Paheri (or Pahary) is full of colorful scenes depicting the vivid daily life. . All figures and hieroglyphs are sculpted in raised relief and are painted. Only the small hieroglyphs and those of the wall at the rear are hardly incised and filled with blue painting. Also pictured are scenes of family banquets, farming, livestock, fishing practices and ritual activities.