To the east of the Vulture Rock in Wadi Hillal stands a small-structured temple built in the reign of Amenhotep III (of the 18th Dynasty). The temple is the most distant monument from the main surrounding wall of El Kab, since it is at a distance of about 3.4km. It was dedicated to Hathor and Nekhbet. It served as a repository chapel for the barque which served at the time of the processions of the goddess Nekhbet. Since all of the structures on this side of the road are small, this temple is only 50 feet long. The portico is gone, but inside are reliefs that were largely destroyed by Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) but restored by Seti I. Inscriptions of Khaemwaset (son of Ramses II) and others of Ramses III were carved probably in commemoration of their visits to the place. North of here are several rock-cut tombs with good reliefs.