It is located in the city center just minutes from Luxor Temple and the Luxor International airport. Built in 1886 on the banks of the Nile River in a tropical garden in Luxor, the 5-star Winter Palace Hotel is "a magical experience of history luxury" that hosted royalties and celebrities throughout the years. Winter Palace offers the mythical atmosphere with the modern decor comfort of a 5 star hotel. Today, the Winter Palace Hotel is now managed Sofitel, a French Hotel company. The 3-star New Winter Palace Hotel was established in 1975 and it was planned to join the old original one by corridors. Common between the two hotels are the enchanting gardens, pools, tennis playgrounds, terraces, gift and newspaper shops, salons, private outdoor parking, and a number of decent restaurants. The Palace has 3 restaurants: '1186 Restaurant', 'El Nakheel Restaurant' and 'la Corniche Restaurant'. The languages spoken at the hotel are: English, French, German.