The Temple of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) is located to the east of the main complex, outside the walls of the main Karnak Temple. The temple was destroyed after the death of its builder, and its full extent and layout are currently unknown. It was built during the first four years of the reign of Akhenaten, when he still referred to himself as Amenhotep IV. Akhenaten named the buildings of the temple (Gm–p3–itn) (Gempaaten), which means "The Sun Disc is Found in the Estate of the God Aten"; Hwt–bnbn "The Mansion of the Benben Stone"; Rwd–mnw–n–itn–r–nhh "Sturdy are the Monuments of the Sun Disc Forever"; and Tni–mnw–n–itn–r–nhh "Exalted are the Monuments of the Sun Disc Forever". Very little of these buildings remains, and their blocks were used to fill other buildings dating to Pharaoh Horemheb.