Just outside the enclosure wall of the precinct of Amun and behind the temple of Ptah, lies the precinct of Montu with its ruined temple, the temple, which is not open for the public, is dedicated to the god of war Montu, the old falcon-headed local god of Thebes. The area the temple occupies covers about 20,000 m². Most monuments are poorly preserved. It is one of the four main enclosed areas that make up the immense Karnak Temple Complex. In the precinct, we can find the remains of the following buildings; the Temple of Montu, the Temple of Harpre, the Temple of Ma'at, a sacred lake, and Bab el’Adb (known as the Gateway of Ptolemy III Euergetes). Later kings added some annexes and changed the plan of building. Outside the precinct of montu are the remains of a small temple of Thutmose I and a very small chapel to Osiris.