It is located in Khokha. Nefersekheru was the Scribe of Divine Offerings of All the Gods and Officer of the Treasury at Thebes during the reign of Ramses II. In the entrance, we can find the scene of Nefersekheru and his family getting out towards the rising son. In the first chamber, we can see scenes from the Book of the Gates, where the deceased ask the demons' permission to cross through the doors to the netherworld. Anubis leads Nefer-Sekheru and his wife to the court of Osiris where their hearts are going to be weighed. We find also scenes from chapter 62 of the Book of the Dead. In the same chamber, The couple is depicted assisting a festival for the goddess Bastet in Bubastis, sitting before big quantity of offerings of sycamore fruit, bread, lettuce, and onions, as well as scenes showing Nefersekheru and his wife adoring Osiris and Hathor, Anubis and Isis. Scenes of Hathor emerging from the mountain, Djed-pillar, Isis knots, Nefer signs and Eyes of Horus, texts of Chapter 125 of the Book of the Dead, which is a list of evil deeds the deceased claims he did not commit during his lifetime or what is called Negative Confession, and the funeral procession of Nefersekheru, can also be seen in the burial chamber.