It is located in Khokha. Neferrenpet or Kenro, was a Scribe of the Treasury in the temple of Amen-Ra during the reign of Ramses II. The quality of the paintings and the details are not the best among the nobles' tombs, but it is worth visiting because of the liberalism and informality in representing the scenes, specially the non-religious ones. In the tomb, we can watch the following scenes: From the Scenes of Neferrenpet and his wife, we mention: Neferrenpet and his wife, Mutemwia in different situations; - Neferrenpet and his wife stand before offerings of meats, geese, vegetables, lettuce, and flowers piled atop four offering stands; - Mutemwia holding a head of lettuce and a sistrum; - The garden scene, with Neferrenpet and his wife drinking water from a pool;  The harpist kneels before the kiosk where Neferrenpet and Mutemwia play a game of Senet. - Neferrenpet making offering table before Amenhetep I and Ahmes-Nefertari. Neferrenpet's funeral procession, the sarcophagus, and he mummy of Neferrenpet. - Craftsmen who work in the treasury under Neferrenpet's supervision. And from the religious scenes: - In the entry gate, there is the Hymn to Atom, Ra And Osiris. - Chapter 145 of the Book of the Dead, the chapter that enables the deceased to pass safely through the many locked gates of the underworld. - The Book of the Gates, with demons blocking the doors to the netherworld. - The Weighing of the heart of the deceased in the Court of Osiris. - Goddess Nut greeting the sun disc and preparing to carry it on its nighttime journey through the netherworld. - The Opening of the Mouth ceremony.